Our Team

Sanjay Sharma (CEO)Sanjay Sharma (CEO)



We set our goals high & put in properly planned, hard work, Research & development, best efforts & team work to make it possible.
A.S. Interior commitment to unparalleled product design is grounded in relationships with respect furniture designers who bring their personal vision to As Interior’s incomparable fabrication capabilities.

Sheikh Irfan Ali ( Site Superviser) Sheikh Irfan Ali ( Site Supervisor)

Jivdhan R. Vishwakarma (Site Superviser) Jivdhan R. Vishwakarma (Site Supervisor)

Khurshed Ali (Site Superviser) Khurshed Ali (Site Supervisor)

Chandrashekhar Bhondave (Interior Designer)Chandrashekhar Bhondave (Interior Designer)

Asagar Ali (P.O.P.Work Person) Asagar Ali (P.O.P.Work Person)

Sharavan Bunkar (Civil Work Person) Sharavan Bunkar (Civil Work Person)

T. J. Gala (Accountant) T. J. Gala (Accountant)

Anil Rajbhar (Electrician) Anil Rajbhar (Electrician)